Wireless Routers – For The Best Internet Portability and Performance Along With Security

A wireless router is a device which makes your computing life smooth and enjoyable. This magnificent device enables you to work and enjoy your computing literally from any part of your house or yard. This is just a fantastic electronic device which is used to connect multiple computers in a network. This also gives you the freedom to share the internet connection of one system to any device or computer from the network.

A wireless router is an instrument placed in the wireless local area network which determines the network point in order to forward a packet towards its destination. This magnificent equipment works exactly in similar manner as the router in a hard-wired local area network or LAN does. But WLAN or wireless network area network gives you the freedom of mobility for notebook or portable computers.

If you are considering about setting up a home wireless network, you need to take into account few vital and significant aspects. Most of the wireless routers available in the market look the same but these routers exhibit their own specifications that make them different from each other. Considering these specifications, one needs to choose the most appropriate router from the collection.

Some of the important things you need to consider while purchasing a router are as follows.
The speed rating of any router is very important so that one can achieve the best performing router for his network. The speed rating is available in Mbps considering that one has to select a router for his network. If you are looking for highest speed rating then the Draft N router is best for you as it claims that it gives a speed of 300 Mbps.

With the help of your wireless internet portability, you can use your internet facility with the help of your laptop from any part of your house. For this you just need an all-in-one device which combines the functions of modem, wireless access point and the router.

The 3G Router is a magnificent and an important advent in this field as it enables to have high speed internet connectivity for several users with the help of 3G mobile phone network. As the 3G USB Dongles are available now days, the use of 3G mobile Broadband has increased to great extent. It makes use of a 3G mobile phone SIM Card for providing Wi-Fi connectivity along with VPN and Firewall services in addition.

This magnificent device can also be used to accommodate the far away devices, one just need to have a second wireless router to the Wi-Fi network.
It is believed that the use of wireless router not only provides high-speed internet connectivity but also acts as a hardware firewall. The routers also provide superior protection against hacking as it does not expose the IP address of the system directly to the internet.

In recent years, this marvelous technology has improved a lot as it provides bandwidth and multiple user connections in WLAN. Most of the modern wireless routers make use of 802.11g specification that offers a transmission rate over short distances at the rate of 54 megabits per second.

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