Wireless Routers: 10 1/2 Tips to Troubleshoot

Wireless Router trouble shooting for the Famously Frustrated

1. Open up internet explorer type in [] under password type admin1 and proceed to your router interface. Most people don’t even know how to go to their router interface. Linksys wireless routers all have default passwords of admin1 or admin. Your wireless routers interface is where your entire configuration takes place. If you don’t know your routers default password just go to Google and type in your routers model number and “Default password” some website will have it.

2. Reset your router – Some times after many changes and many restarts your routers configuration files can get messed up. Even after you many changes via your routers web interface they won’t stick. So you might need to Reset you router by Taking a Paper clip and pressing the button in back of the router for about thirty seconds. This will reset it and give you a fresh start.

3. Reset Part Two, another option to reset your wireless router is to proceed to your wireless routers web interface and find the setting that says factory defaults.

4. Upgrade your wireless routers firmware. If you purchase a new wireless router and it isn’t working you will want to upgrade the firmware. Firmware is the programs that run on the wireless routers motherboard. Up can download your wireless routers firmware from the manufactures website. Follow the directions to a tee or you will brick your router. Tips do not upgrade your wireless routers firmware via a wireless connection and don’t turn off the wireless router when it is in the middle of upgrading.

5. Bad signal = Bad Placement before you return your wireless router because you don’t get a signal place it in a new spot. Remember the default Di-Pole omni-directional antennas do not transmit from the tips they transmit from the sides radiating in a doughnut type pattern. So if you have your wireless router near a outside wall half your signal is going outside.

6. Can’t acquire a network address means that you don’t have your wireless routers DHCP settings configured or your wireless adapters not configured correctly?

7. If you can’t seem to connect to a wireless router even through you know that you have the correct pass phrase, the wireless router might have might have MAC address filtering on. Either add your MAC address to the filter or disable it.

8. If you keep seeing your wireless adapter connecting and reconnecting then you might have interference from somewhere so change your channel to something else.

9. Can’t get to the Internet but can connect to the wireless router? Then go to your wireless routers web interface and check to see if you have a DHCP address from your Internet provider. If you do or you don’t try to renew it then you might be able to connect.

10. After many hours of trouble shooting a wireless router and you still can’t figure out what to do just go to Google and type in your wireless router model and trouble shooting and you will find many more tips
10.5 If all that dosen’t work smash it with a hammer, it won’t make it work but at least you will feel better.

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