Wireless Router – An Amazing Device For Your Network

A wireless router is a kind of device that performs the operations of a router through the wireless access point. This sort of router is used to allow access to a computer network or to the Internet through the radio wave technology. The network that works through the radio wave technology is referred as the wireless network. As the standard routers have not any built-in wireless technology, you will need a wireless router for a wireless network.

As the wireless routers can direct the local traffic on the network, you will require a modem to get access to the Internet. In some cases, DSL or the ISPs (cable Internet service provider) generally provide pre-configured modem to their subscribers. This sort of router can easily be connected to a modem to allow Internet access to the networks. On the other hand, a router that includes a built-in modem can significantly reduce the number of required devices. The thing you need to do is to configure the router to connect it to the ISPs.

There are some broadcasting standards for the routers to follow. However, a wireless router can follow more than one standard, but not all of these. Wireless network stipulations are set by the IEEE and are recognized as 802.11 standards. The 802.11 standards will let you know, which protocols the routers will support. There is not any major difference between the protocols except the signal speed and strength. The powerful the signal, the more away you can set your computer and can get a decent signal as well. When the signal fades, there will be a drop in the performance that can cause data errors.

A wireless router that supports the 802.11g standard will operate in 2.4GHz band and the maximum speed will be 54 Mb per second. On the other hand, a newer standard has already been approved in 2009, is 802.11n. The routers under this standard can operate in the range of 5GHz band and the maximum speed is fourth time of the 802.11g routers. However, you should know that each computer in a wireless network requires an external portable Wi-Fi device or an internal wireless card that can support the same protocol like the router.

If you have an 802.11g supported network and need to add 802.11n supported networked computers, then a dual-brand wireless router will be the answer. It can easily support both 802.11g and 802.11n as well. Though the dual-brand wireless routers are so expensive, you can purchase them for expanding your network and the business as well. However, if you like to use Windows Vista as your operating system, you need to have a wireless router that is well compatible with Vista.

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